Concert Excerpts

Covers the enormous range from blues, to jazz to fusion and can also rock out when called for.

Digital pianos not only can sound amazingly like a real piano but also do a terrific job emulating acoustic bass, vibes and more.

Digital Keyboards

Nylon String Guitar

Warm bossa nova, samba and mellow new age are just a few of the   styles traditional guitars are capable.

Samples of styles and tonalties

Music that comes out of a perfectly in tune  acoustic grand piano greatly differs from what an electric guitar can produce.  Nylon string acoustic guitars and digital keyboards also produce vastly different sounds. Take a listen to some examples.

Custom Concerts

Live mostly instrumental; jazz, blues and fusion performed for events, openings and private parties on piano, guitar, bass and keyboard.

Improvised concerts easily adapt to your unique event

utilizing no backing or prerecorded parts.

Music mirrors life - one size does not fit all. Moods, weather and circumstances call for different kinds of music.  Being able to vocalize and play multiple instruments, in multiple styles, at times simultaneously permits a single musician to cover a lot of emotional territory without taking up a lot of space while allowing a living sound track to adapt to events.

Electric Jazz Guitar

One of the best musical inventions of all was also the original stereo in peoples livingrooms before records.

Acousic Piano

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